Take Me Out to the…No Wait, Don’t

Lifestyle reset: Day can’t remember

Weight: Rude

So, shocker, I’m dieting and it’s going….ok? It’s hard to tell. I mean, I’m eating less for sure, and exercising more, and I do feel better, but of course I can be doing more. So I am attempting something…rather crazy.

I am giving up takeout for a week.

You have to understand what a huge undertaking this is for me. I live in a city that is restaurant heaven. Within spitting distance are some of the best wraps I’ve ever eaten, these crazy amazing samosas, and truly sensational chicken parm.

So, food-wise I basically live in Shangri-La. And I am choosing to opt-out for a week.

I have a good reason–BELIEVE ME, I wouldn’t be doing this without one.

One thing you learn as a veteran dieter is that the best way to get the results you want is to change bad habits into good ones; swap junk for veggies, cut portion sizes, get more active, etc. Unfortunately, changing habits is hard.

Like, really hard. Your body can adjust to a change in as little as a few days, but in many cases it can take weeks to break bad habits.

Yes, weeks plural, you read that right.

Unfortunately, one of my newly-acquired habits is ordering out. A lot.

Don’t ask me why or how this started. I actually like cooking for myself, historically I’m pretty good at it too. But… I live in food Shangri-La and can pay people to do it for me. Also, I’m tired a lot from all of my strenuous activities and don’t feel like it.

I’m comforted by the fact that these are very common excuses–yay I’m just like everyone else! I eat too much and I get sleepy! Huzzaahhhh!

I know that cooking is a better choice, and I also know that convenience sometimes prevents it. So I’ve compiled my own short list of really good reasons to do my own cooking this next week.

First, it’s cheaper. Like, a lot cheaper. One trip to the grocery store for a week’s worth of cooking supplies can be as much as one delivery from my favorite Indian spot.

Second, it’s better for me. Cooking for myself means I can limit the number of ingredients that aren’t the best for me, such as fat, sodium, and sugar.

But really, the best reason to do my own cooking is the biggest:

The portions.

It will shock no one to learn that portions at restaurants are large. But seriously, it’s off the rails.

Typically a restaurant portion is two or three times the recommended serving size. In some cases a single item at a restaurant is upwards of 2000 calories. That’s as many calories as a healthy adult should eat in a day. The New York Times sparked an internet trend a few years ago by chronicling what 2000 calories looks like at different restaurants. Even for a food-savvy person such as myself it was…sobering.

…So, armed with three really good reasons I will cook for myself for a week! The question now on everyone’s mind: can I do this and stay sane. I know that seems extreme, but I gave up bread for a month and started having hauntingly beautiful dreams about rolls. For all I know seven measly days without takeout will lead to a psychotic break.

So, stay tuned because this could get really good REALLY fast.



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