New Beginnings… Again

Healthy habits: Day 1

Weight: None of your beeswax

So. I really love food. A lot. 


Because my love is beginning to border on obsessive and unhealthy, and I have a family history of weight-related issues… Yeah, it’s time for a change.

So the hostile dieter is going on a diet!




I’m not exactly thrilled to do this; the last big life change I made was Whole30, and while I did gain some valuable insight, I’m not itching to stop eating bread and cheese for the rest of my life.

Prior to Whole30, my last big foray into better living was weightwatchers, which really and truly can change lives… if the program is used properly. I focused on changing my life by depriving myself of nutrients and weighing myself several times a day in order to lower a number that gives almost no indication of overall health….and leaves you starving all the damn time.


So, not the BEST track record, but far from the worst I hope?

Anyhow, one thing I have learned from all of my experiences “trying to eat less crap,” is that if I don’t change my habits surrounding food, any gains I make in my quest for better living and less hostility will be…fleeting. I’d rather not go through all this again, so  I’m trying to change my habits without becoming completely miserable. 

This will probably involve some terrifying self-reflection and honesty, but fine, I’ll do it. However if past experience is any indication changing my habits for the better isn’t going to be a piece of cake.

Ooh cake!


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