Reflections on Whole30…150 days later

Well I did it, I finished Whole30…almost half a year ago.

But no matter, the point is, I finished Whole30 and lived to tell the tale!


I had a lot of thoughts towards the end of my experience, but I think it mostly boils down to one:


Let me explain. As a program survivor, I can now confirm two things: sugar really is in everything, and if you want to do whole30 and not be miserable…you have to buy the book.

Yes, I know, why god why, etc. But shockingly, a book that teaches you how to safely cut out three major food groups is very helpful and insightful; hell, an entire section is just a list of things you can and cannot have (conveniently titled “Can I have…”) , and maybe 2/3 of the book is just recipes.

The recipes and the lists and good advice are helpful, but what’s also helpful is  that each new section begins with a program success story. Many of them are truly inspiring tales of people that prior to trying this radical lifestyle change were suffering from chronic illnesses and injuries. It had never occurred to anyone that the food they were eating might have something to do with why they constantly felt like crap.

These are people who were so sick that they truly didn’t remember what it was like to feel healthy. Some program participants eased inflammation in joints so much that they walked without crutches for the first time in years, or they shed pounds and pounds of weight and staved off major surgery. It’s truly miraculous stuff, and it’s true.


I got to my last day of Whole30 and realized that I didn’t feel miraculous or terrible.

I felt exactly the same as I did on day one.

I didn’t shed pounds and pounds of weight, or get rid of that chronic thing I didn’t even know I had. I felt the same.

And I was overjoyed by that.

I mean, after reading all those success stories, feeling the same after a restrictive diet designed to pinpoint what foods are slowly but surely killing you told me that I’m actually in pretty good shape.



So I survived in one piece, and I learned that I can get used to just about anything. I might be a monster there for a solid 15, but I can do it!

I  also learned that coffee without milk is utter swill, grilled cheese is life, and a world without butter is a terrible place.

So, I didn’t end up sticking with Whole30 long-term, but I’m not sorry I did it. I showed myself what I’m made of, I came out of it with an arsenal of new recipes, and I appreciate how awesome beer and bread really are.

…Now what, you ask? Oh just you wait.


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