Back in the Saddle Again

Miss me?

That’s right, the Hostile Dieter has returned.

And she’s PISSED.

To catch you up briefly, I survived Whole30 (yay!) and proved to myself that I can get used to pretty much anything…and that I may love bread more than I love the man I plan on marrying. The experience was successful in some ways and less successful in others (details at eleven), but now I’m looking forward.

And when I say I’m looking forward, I mean I’m looking towards the future. Actually I’m dreading this next bit with every fiber of my being

You see, I love food, I don’t know if I’ve made that clear, but I do. Like, a lot. So much so that I spend waaaay too much time eating it. Then cooking it. Then eating it again. Then looking for different ways to eat it so that I can keep eating it. Usually when I’m sad. Or happy. Or happysad. Or sadhappy.


This is what is commonly known as “overeating,” with JUST a pinch of “eating your feelings.” And it’s taking a toll on me, and my clothes.

My beautiful, beautiful clothes. And my bras…my expensive, double-D bras.

So, choice time: spend a little money getting in shape, or spend a lot of money replacing everything in my closet and and eventually be driven out of my apartment on a forklift.

So, I guess it’s positive change time!


The hostile dieter is GOING ON A DIET! AGAIN!

This is gonna be…fun.


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