So I’m not much of a bar fly…so what?

Whole30: Day 26

Friday night I went and did something I’ve been studiously avoiding until now: I went to a bar.

I’d spent time around people drinking at parties and in restaurants and such, but there’s something about being at a BAR when you can’t drink, and this particular bar has been in business for decades, I mean you can practically get a contact high from the counter. To add insult to injury, it serves one of my favorite cocktails on the planet…yeah I was not jumping for joy on my way there.

But I met up with my friends, and sat around with them while they got a good beer buzz going, and I drank…seltzer and lime.


Ok, I like seltzer and lime, but it’s definitely not the same as beer. All the same, I was slugging that stuff down and feeling fine!

Then there were orders placed for mini-pizzas…yep. I was totally fine. I was FINE. SUPER DE DUPER.

Then someone who didn’t know about my undertaking offered me a slice and I had to begin the loooong explanation….and then of course we spent a sizable chunk of the evening going over what I am and am not allowed to eat while they ate it in front of me.

Ok, there were bits in there that sucked, but even with all of the awkward, I survived! I even managed to have (dare I say it?) fun.

That’s right, fun! At a bar! While everyone around me was drinking and eating pizza!


That was one thing I was seriously worried about during this process: how was I going to survive when people around me were eating cheetos?

Then I woke up and remembered that everybody has food envy moment now and again, even when they’re eating whatever they want. Hell, I once watched Top Chef on an empty stomach and tried to lick the screen.

Once I embraced the fact that everybody occasionally wants what they can’t have, things got a lot easier.  Not more fun per se, but easier.

I’m trying to focus on the home stretch here, I’ve come waaaaay too far to quit, and if that means not drinking booze…

well, fine then.




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