Can’t eat sugar, may as well scrub it all over my face

Whole30: Day 23

It’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve had any sugar, which is kind of remarkable. For me anyway:

I like to bake. A lot.


One might even say that it borders on an obsession, but who cares? It’s fun and relaxes me,  and it’s a VERY reliable way of bribing coworkers.

I’m off baking for now — given how many cookies I’m prone to sample when I’m baking, I figured it was a bad idea for this month.

So, today I took all the sugar left in my house and turned it in to lemon olive oil skin scrub. I figure this is the best way to prevent me from pouring the bag into a mixing bowl to start on a new cookie batch, or just dumping it right down my throat–a thought that becomes more tempting with each passing day.


I love this stuff; it makes me smell good and moisturizes my evil dry acne-prone skin. Plus it takes ten minutes.

It doesn’t get any better than ten minutes.

All I do is dump the remaining sugar into a VEEEERY clean jar, coat the sugar in a few spoonfuls of olive oil, then add the zest and juice half a lemon and mix. Sometimes I add honey to it as well.

Bing Bam Boom, homemade scrub. Huzzah!


Of course while I was finishing up I did something VEEEEERY stupid and completely involuntary: I scraped off the spoon with my finger and then I LICKED MY FINGER.

Oh hiiii there sugar! I’d forgotten that’s what you were and that I’m totally not allowed to consume you!

I rinsed out my mouth right away so I think I’m good? I mean I didn’t eat it technically…

What’s the role about accidentally consuming a single granule of sugar while on whole30?


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