Boozin! But…you know, not.

Whole30: day 21

3 weeks down.


I survived my weekend, which was mostly me sitting around in jammies, but I also went to a barbecue and even managed to have a great time. People even liked the food I brought. The only drag was…well, the beer.


I live in the midwest, which raises beer-drinking to an art form. Any social event serves beer (really, really amazing beer) by the bucketload.

So far the no booze thing has been pretty bearable, though admittedly a few days ago I asked Husband-of-the-future if I could take a whiff of his beer (it was one of my favorites and I’m only human!). But you try standing around, taking tiny sips of iced tea while everyone is downing the best local microbrew.

Yeah, it’s totally not the same.


A party without a cold one, yeah it’s…different. Also not sugar. Or grains.

I wouldn’t call the experience fun, per se. But hey, I lived! I went to a social event with booze and didn’t drink, and I was fine. I didn’t even have a bun or any toppings for my hamburger, and I was STILL! FINE!

Super fine.

Never been finer.

Are you convinced yet?


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