Is it nap time yet?

Whole30: Day 19

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been the past 36 or so hours. Short answer: I didn’t feel well. Long answer…

In a word: Oy.

The reason for my absence yesterday and this morning was that I was exhausted.


I don’t throw that term around; when I say I was “exhausted,” I mean, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I was bone-tired-character-from-a-workhouse-in-a-Dickens-novel-level exhausted. I actually fell asleep in the middle of typing a sentence. I’ve never felt that level of fatigue, not even after my truly disastrous 8th grade camping trip, in which no one slept for two days due to nonstop torrential rain.

I did a little research, and guess what? This is another common side-effect of whole30! It will pass, I just need to stick to the program, pay attention to my body, and wait. 

Oh good! Here I thought I was over this bit. I mean, the detoxing, the haunting dreams about food, the cravings for toast that very nearly led me to rob a bakery…

Yah, those were fun.

Ok, the bread thing was surprising and strange, the detox thing was crappy but endurable, but I have to admit that this phase is weirding me out the most. You see, anyone who knows me is aware that being so tired I can’t even get through the day is so un-me.


I mean, I wouldn’t characterize myself as little miss ball of energy, but typically I’m perfectly capable of sitting upright for more than 30 seconds.

Also very weird, normally I HAAAAAATE taking naps. Like, hate them. They make me feel all clammy and blecky (technical term), they completely mess up my day AND my night, sometimes for days, and they often leave me feeling less rested than before I took them. The only time I take naps is when I’m too sick to get out of bed, and yet yesterday I took three (mercifully I work from home, so nobody judged or yelled at me except my cat who demanded I rub her tummy and let her spoon me).

Allegedly, this side-effect should and will pass very soon. Like, day or two soon, and be replaced a big energy surge. I just have to keep at it a bit longer.

Well, fine. I won’t quit. I’ll power through yet another strange body reaction, I’ll keep the faith that this will make me happier and healthier, I’ll keep modifying recipes and not put milk or flour in anything and I’ll continue to be awesome.


And then, suddenly I’ll feel amazing. It’ll happen.


It will happen soon.

Good god I hope it happens sponlnkigjjgnfgbg.

Sorry, dozed off. What was I talking about?


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