Scotch Eggs…of course it’s healthy.

Whole30: Day 16

I’ve learned many things in the last two weeks: mainly that I can survive without dairy and booze!

…and that I really love bread. More than any human person should. Anyway.

I decided to make scotch eggs because…well, I like scotch eggs. They’re delicious, and thanks to the spectacular website Stupid Easy Paleo, there is a recipe for a version of these that I can eat.


Ok they’re not exactly healthy but I have so few pleasures, give me this one.

Scotch eggs are pretty straightforward; you hard boil eggs and cover them in ground meat, then you bake them. Then you eat them with both hands.

Ok that last part is optional, but they’re still straightforward.

Of course I managed to make things more difficult for myself.

I’ve never hard-boiled eggs before, and guess what? I DID IT WRONG!!!

Yes, I found a way to screw up boiling water with raw eggs in it. Essentially, I cooked them too long and they got too hard.


Alright not a disaster per se, but not a strong start either. I blame Buffy, because you KNOW I was binge watching while cooking…

Luckily the ground pork seasoned with salt, pepper and garam masala that I wrapped around the eggs distracts from the overcooked eggs.

I’ll definitely do it again, because it’s delicious and now I know not to just leave the eggs in the water for friggin ever.

Life is a learning process!

Lessons Learned:

Eggs surrounded by meat are the greatest thing ever.

Eggs and meat are ok when you’re on a diet

Eggs cannot be abandoned in a pot of water.

Buffy Episodes Watched:

5.01 Buffy vs. Dracula- It’s Buffy versus Dracula (shocker!!!). Plus we meet Dawn, Buffy’s sister!? Whattt!?

5.02 Real Me- We delve into the sudden appearance of Buffy’s little sister Dawn, who everyone seems to suddenly know about? What is happening?!?!?!?!


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