The dangers of sweet potato chips

Whole30: day 12

The good news: I made sweet potato chips! In the microwave!

Unfortunately I will never be making them again. Allow me to explain.

My best friend is both hilarious and helpful; earlier this week she sent me a recipe for microwaveable chips. I’m game for pretty much anything these days, so I thought “hell yes I can do it!”


Sweet potato chips are very simple to make; you slice a sweet potato as thin as possible, toss them in cooking fat and whatever spices you like, line a microwave safe dish with parchment paper and spread the chips evenly on them, then microwave on high for at least 4 minutes until they get brown and crispy. Suuuper simple!

Yah, sure.

To get my sweet potato slices perfectly thin and even, I decided to use husband-of-the-future’s favorite kitchen gadget; a mandoline. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a¬†utensil with a very sharp blade that allows you to slice veggies to ribbons. It it suuuuper helpful! And suuuuuuper dangerous! In my hands, anyway…


You see, while I was slicing my sweet potato, the mandoline also took a slice of my thumb! So just picture me slicing away, then screaming, swearing, hopping up and down and wrapping my thumb in paper towels while waving my arm in the air. That was about the moment that husband-of-the-future came home.

He very considerately volunteered to slice the rest of the sweet potatoes for me while I waved my hand in the air like I just didn’t care!

I was able to recover well enough to finish making the microwave chips…and promptly eat them all.

So, the first attempt at this super-easy recipe caused me to bleed and to gorge myself on “healthy” chips…

maybe I’ll try them again when whole30 is over…

Lessons Learned:

Sweet potato chips are delicious

Sweet potato chips are easy to make

Mandolines are not safe in my hands


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