Buy me a kilt and call me Brianna.

Whole30: Day 11

I’ve cracked it!

Right now you’re probably thinking one of two things 1) What’s “it”? or 2) oh god the grain deprivation has made her lose her mind!

I haven’t gone completely nuts yet (that’ll take me more than 11 days), but I have been struggling with one very important aspect of my new “lifestyle change” thing whatever.

What the hell should I call it?

See, the big problem with doing this is that most people don’t know what it is. I’ve had the same conversation about a billion times in the last week, something along the lines of:

“I’m starting whole30”

“What’s that?”

“It’s like a diet, it encourages you to eat better,”

“What do you eat?”

“Well, for 30 days you don’t eat any dairy, grain, added sugar, or legumes.”

“Isn’t that like paleo?”

“Yeah kinda, but not.”

“Then what is it?”

…This can take hours.

The name whole30 is just not very explanatory, and I don’t like comparing it to paleo because I find that title misleading; I just can’t picture early hominids wasting six hours stewing their meat before swallowing it whole.

I’m not blaming anyone for getting a bit confused; it’s confusing. Hell, half the time I’m confused, but last night as I was making myself a scotch egg (which is a hard-boiled egg coated in seasoned ground meat and cooked, more on that later) and I landed on the perfect explanation. See, for the last week and a half, I’ve been chowing down on root veggies, hearty soups,eggs, and stews; quintessential hearty/comfort food.

That’s not paleolithic, it’s not even neolithic…

That is Scottish.


Hear me out: I actually know a fair bit about Scotland; I have two sisters and a best friend that live and work there, and I devoured their food as well as their history. Then last year, I ripped through Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, eight novels about the Jacobite uprising. Not only did it set me up with some truly epic curse words, but it kinda sorta made me want to be a wee bit Scottish.

18th century Scottish to be more precise.

It appears I have inadvertently achieved my dream, I’m eating basically the same stuff that Jamie Fraser devours!

Which, if the TV series is any indication, will make me so strong that The Incredible Hulk himself won’t be able to take me down.


I’m  VERY excited about this.

From now on if anyone asks, I’m on the Outlander diet–though I will be sure to eat plenty of  veggies so that I don’t get scurvy.





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