I’m set for winter.

Whole30: Day 10

I am DROWNING in leftovers.

My quest to have a house full of food that I can actually eat may have backfired; I’ve cooked so much in the last week (yay!) and I now have an immense stockpile of half-eaten entrees, snacks and two dozen eggs.

Welp, I’ve officially gone overboard.

I’m very happy that I’m ready for any contingency, but… I think I misjudged how different I would feel ten days in.

I’m just not as hungry as I used to be.

I’m guessing this is a good thing?

Maybe the appetite change is due to the wholesome healthy whole30 food I’ve been consuming!

Or…maybe it’s because I keep dream-cheating!


That’s right, I’m still having ridiculous dreams, SWIRLING dreams involving chocolate and wine.

I cannot for the life of me remember the last time I ate chocolate OR drank wine.

I have to admit that this is kind of sort of freaking me out…I’m just not used to having vivid dreams (about peanut butter cups no less), that in itself is very surreal, but the oddest part is that when I’m awake I don’t care.


I tested my resolve; I went to the pharmacy to pick up more shampoo and took a leisurely stroll through the candy aisle to see if I’d go nuts… Rows and rows of kit-kat bars and peanut m&ms, they even had milka.

…Nothing. I didn’t care at all

WHAT IS HAPPENING!? My conscious mind is completely chill, and yet my psyche has gone overboard trying to peer-pressure me into stuffing my pie-hole (ooh, pie).


Hopefully in a few days I’ll be leading a dream-free existence. Or at the very least is it too much to ask for dreams about foods I actually eat? I mean, everybody who’s met me knows that I prefer salty over sweet, my brain sure as hell should be aware of that.

…Why am I doing this again?


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