Happy Friday! Remain still while I swallow you whole.

Whole30: Day 5


ALWAYS Hungry.

While my food hangover has improved dramatically (praise Odin!), it’s been replaced by a constant desire to eat everything in sight.

I do mean everything, I actually stared at a bag of uncooked rice with longing today.

Yep, I actually wanted to double-fist dried rice.


I couldn’t even wait the two minutes it took to microwave my lunch; I had to guzzle almonds by the handful while I had a staring contest with the timer.

I don’t think I’ve been this hungry since I was eight and was stuck in the car on a particularly congested section of the New Jersey Turnpike.

Thanks to the internet, I have a pretty good idea of why this is happening; much like the food hangover, it’s my body’s reaction to a change in diet.

Oh good, another side-effect!

It’s not like this whole30 thing wasn’t a massive pain in the ass to begin with, now I have to contend with being ravenous on a near constant basis!

I’ve looked into what I can do to help ease this particularly inconvenient bodily response, and while there were a ton of complicated suggestions, essentially it boiled down to one thing: eat food. 

Supposedly, my bottomless stomach will go away as I spend more time away from foods I normally eat, I just have to stick with the new foods and let my body adjust.



One thing I have noticed is that I’m craving less junk; I actually went to the store and I didn’t weep at the sight of chocolate!

I mean, yeah, I almost shoplifted tortilla chips, I was spotted caressing a container of yogurt, and I practically got a contact high from standing next to the bread counter…

But hey, I survived!



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