Quick and easy…yah, sure.

Whole30: Day 2

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears and heed my warnings: if a recipe is labeled “quick and easy”….yeah it’s not.

That’s not to say it won’t become easy, anything’s easy after it’s been done 60 billion times. It’s just that the first 59,999,999,999 times are QUITE another story.

Last night for my first ever whole30 dinner I decided to make a skillet dinner billed as “quick and easy,” because I like both those words, and also because it had everything in it that I hold dear and am still allowed to eat. Specifically, chicken thighs cooked with brussels sprouts and bacon in apple jus. The recipe was only for two servings, naturally I made extra for later (see: I do not want to be stuck in my kitchen for the rest of time).

Yes, I doubled the recipe, but I didn’t think to double the size of the pan that I was using to cook the recipe…



The thing is when you cram a ton of stuff into a pan and you’re NOT making soup, stew, or lasagna, it takes forever to cook. I know this, I’ve learned this lesson before thanks to the Arabiata fiasco of 2014 (do not ask), and yet I made the same damn mistake again.

Maybe I’m going nuts, maybe my brain cells are deteriorating due to cheese deprivation. That’s a thing, right?

Shut up.

The chicken took about twice as long as it was supposed to, in part because I didn’t give the ingredients enough room to get roasty-toasty delicious. I had to do some very creative stirring while this dish was in the oven, and when it came time to make the jus I dumped way too much apple cider in there (I’m doubling remember??) and then stood there for ten minutes like a chump while the liquid cooked down.

It’s supposed to take one minute for the liquid to cook down. I am AWESOME(ly horrible at this).

That being said, the chicken was delicious, and I’m still alive so I guess I cooked it right –I rarely cook chicken that isn’t fully immersed in a vat of fried oil, so not dying of salmonella feels like a grand achievement.

One major perk of the longer than expected cooking session was that I was able to marathon a generous three episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, season 3 (the one when The Mayor tells Angel and Buffy that their relationship is doomed while he…wait, you don’t care). 

Perfect Whole30 show; she’s spazzy like me!

I’ve always loved Buffy, but now my love is undying (like a vampire! Ha!). I think it may be the perfect whole30 show; thanks to half of the characters being vampires they are never seen eating actual food! No one eating pizza or cake and rubbing it in my face (yes, Gilmore Girls, I am looking at you)!

The hard part truly is over…right?

Oh godddddd.

By the way, you can find the recipe here; I don’t trust myself to post it since my first venture was…what’s a step up from a fiasco?

Lessons Learned:

When doubling a recipe double the pan size too (you dumbass).

Nothing is quick and easy the first time through.

Willow and Oz were THE. GREATEST. COUPLE…even if one of them did turn out to be gay later. Or…kind of gay? You know that’s never fully explored.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer episodes viewed:

3.18 Earshot- Buffy kills a demon and suddenly she can read minds! It is AWKWARD.

3.19 Choices- The Mayor takes Willow prisoner! Then tells Angel and Buffy their relationship is SO. TOTALLY. DOOMED.

3.20 The Prom- The gang goes to prom! Buffy SAVES the prom! Buffy gets thanked for saving the prom!


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