If I weren’t desperately in love with that man…

Whole30: Day 2

The day before my whole30, I was treated to an epic sendoff, courtesy of husband of the future.

To celebrate my enormous undertaking, I was treated to spaghetti, home made pasta sauce, and hand-formed meatballs stuffed with cheese. Topped with cheese. And then I added more cheese.

It was heaven. No, it was better than heaven, it was like three miles ABOVE heaven.

And tonight was hell.

Husband of the future made those beautiful leftover cheese stuffed meatballs into a glorious meatball sub for himself, while I had pureed sweet potatoes with salt and pepper.

Ok…sweet potato soup. I got sweet potato soup and he got a meatball sub. I am….fine. Fine. Not jealous, fine.

Thankfully, he ate it in another room while I got some work done. But just KNOWING that this glorious sandwich (on toasted french bread no less) existed was enough to make me wish I had evolved past the need to take in sustenance.

If I hadn’t sworn to marry that man, I might’ve stolen it while he wasn’t looking. Or, you know, I might’ve punched him in the stomach, taken the sandwich and run away to eat it in a corner.

Oh the suckitude…


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