Whole30: Day 1

Welp, I’m in it now. Three hours in and I’ve had coffee without any milk (like a DAMN. SAVAGE.) and an apple.

Aside from doing my actual job, I’ll spend the day prepping a bunch of meals so I don’t starve later in the week, and trying very hard to ignore that voice in my head that is screaming “GO TO THE MARKET AND BUY A KIT-KAT BAR!”

I’ve also got a jones for beer…at 9 AM. That’s totally normal, right?

I’ve learned a lot over the last few days of prep, like did you know that most bacon is cured with sugar?

Seriously, it’s included as a matter of routine. I checked every single package at my local store (a cute, family owned establishment) before resigning myself to going to the fancy up-market place…with its smoothie bar and its almond grinder that gives you “fresh almond butter” and its healthy alternatives in every. friggin. aisle.


At least I found the sugar-free bacon.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go begin the process of eating bacon for every meal.

Hey, it fits the program. And Ron Swanson would TOTALLY approve.



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