If I wasn’t supposed to eat all the food then why is it so delicious?

Whole30 Countdown: T-Minus 2 days

I had a very busy weekend; I had to finish all the beer in my house, and eat strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream for breakfast.

Because I could that’s why.

I chose my start date deliberately; one of my friends threw a party saturday, and since she’s known for her delicious food and providing an abundance of booze, I had to go and say a fond farewell to well-mannered debauchery.

I mean, I had to. I go to maybe three parties a year, I was not going to spend one of them being THAT person.

I did constructive, pre-whole30 positive things too.

I went shopping for snacks.

Yes, you read that right, I went shopping just for snacks.

Gone are the days when I can run in to any old restaurant and order whatever I want without a second thought. Now I have to read labels. I can’t just throw whatever the hell I want into my body, I have to parse out food jargon and figure out the answer to that age old question: are those three grams of sugar in canned tomatoes naturally occurring, or has sugar been added to cut down the acidity?

I spent hours prowling the aisles of the grocery store looking for stuff I can keep in my oversized purse and pull out in an emergency. I figure this will prevent any tantrums.

That’s right, I’m acting like the mom of a three year old.Boy crying in grocery cart.

I actually found some really good stuff; did you know that there is whole30 approved beef jerky? It’s really delicious.

I should know; in a fit of I don’t know what, I ate the entire bag of special emergency tantrum-preventing jerky on Saturday.

Yep, that’s right two days before my whole30 program even started, I ate all the snacks that are supposed to keep me from becoming an evil monster.

Since whole30 is about curbing bad eating habits… yeah I should probably stay away from the jerky. For now, anyway. Until I get a handle on my binge-eating, I’ll stick with nuts and carrots.

Piles and piles of carrots.

Oh god….


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