…Why am I doing this to myself?

You’re probably wondering why, if I’m such a hostile dieter, I’m going on a restrictive 30 day plan that doesn’t let me do anything I like.

That is a GREAT question, and the answer is…

I have no fucking clue.


A big selling point of whole30 is that there is no measuring or weighing or counting calories, you just eat better and it makes you feel better.

Yes, having more energy in my daily life is appealing, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in weight loss, but there are probably a thousand easier ways to accomplish these things.

There’s no clear answer to why I, lover of cheese and beer, am planning on cutting my two great loves out of my life for 30 days. The best reason I have come up with so far is simply to see if I can.

I like a good challenge, but typically my challenges are things like “watch every episode of Star Trek ever” or “start War and Peace.”

Historically, I’m a bit of a quitter as far as healthy food choices are concerned (have I mentioned yet that I LOOOOVEE doritos?). Removing processed foods (and a lot of unprocessed ones) from my daily life is definitely a challenge on a different scale.

But dammit I’m going to try.


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